News: Lady Gaga Wants You to ‘Be Yourself’; The Truth About Ballet Bodies

Lauren Keller
lady gaga shiseido

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Shiseido for their “Be Yourself” campaign, and the first video is beyond gorgeous. Bonus points for the super-cute puppy co-star! [Shiseido’s YouTube]

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Why an ex-ballerina (and current beauty editor) is OVER the “ballet body” fitness fad. [StyleCaster]

We weren’t sure it was possible to pull off this many beauty trends at once, but Jennifer Lopez proves us wrong once again. The singer celebrated her 46th birthday this weekend and looked AMAZING. See how she pulled together all of the latest beauty trends into one fab look. [Glamour]

Who doesn’t love a good summer beauty hack? Chrissy Teigan’s hairstylist gives you five easy hair tricks to get you through the rest of the summer heat. [POPSUGAR Beauty]