Lady Gaga’s Fame Commercial is Quite Trippy, Obviously

Augusta Falletta

After initial reports of Lady Gaga’s first scent, Fame, would smell of “blood and semen”, we were not only intrigued, but we were also pretty freaked out. As if this wasn’t enough, the print ad for the fragrance was released days ago, featuring a naked Gaga and tons of naked Little Monsters crawling all over her body. With all of this build up, it only makes sense that the video for Fame, released today, is nothing short of Gaga’s most outlandish work yet. Black, white and trippy, the commercial features structured dresses, talon-like gloves, and flashing lights, making it just near impossible to not feel like you’re having a seizure while watching.

Of course one video wasn’t enough for Mother Monster. The second video, narrated in French and with English subtitles, goes over explicit (and mostly fantasy) detail of the “scientific” process that went into creating Fame. In reality, it’s some nice shirtless man eye candy for those of us who didn’t get enough of Magic Mike this weekend. Ridiculous and over the top, sure, but we’re not complaining.

Are you planning on smelling like Mother Monster? Take a look at Gaga’s newest videos and tell us what you think in the comment section below. 

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