Of Course Lady Gaga Bleaches Her Own Eyebrows Every Damn Day

Rachel Krause
Of Course Lady Gaga Bleaches Her Own Eyebrows Every Damn Day

Lady Gaga is full of surprises. The pop star/actress/one-off runway model’s latest revelation? She bleaches her own eyebrows. Every day.

After seeing her walk in the Marc Jacobs show at New York Fashion Week last Thursday, it was only natural to assume that she’d bleached her eyebrows just for the occasion—but no! Of her daily bleaching habit, she told Vogue, “I like to keep them light. They’re more versatile for a beauty look. You can draw [your eyebrows] any way you want when they’re bleached.”

Fair enough, if that’s what you’re into. Bleaching your own eyebrows at home is … not great, considering the very real risk of getting the product in your eyes. From a purely aesthetic perspective, if you’re going to do it, be sure to leave it on long enough to turn brows that coveted yellowish white, or risk brassy red brows for the foreseeable future.

We’d definitely advise going to a pro if bleached brows are something you might be interested in, but if you’re going to do it up solo, more power to you. Here are four options for DIY brow bleaching, none of which we can actually recommend in good faith. Godspeed! Maybe wear goggles or something?