News: Lady Gaga’s TMI Instagram; Reasons to Use Chia Oil

Rachel Krause

We’re all but accustomed to celebrities oversharing on social media, but this is a pretty full-on view of Lady Gaga‘s butt. We can’t fault her intense yoga practice, but we can say that we prefer to get ours done in just a little more than a bra and thong. [Us]

Desperate skin times call for desperate measures, but we stop just short of putting urine on our faces to fight blemishes. These British women, however, do not. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

If you’ve ever bleached your hair, you’ll know how damaging the process is, which is why we’re endlessly baffled by how frequently celebrities like Nicole Richie can change their colors up so often. This expert’s explanation makes a little more sense. [Allure]

After reading this, we’re pretty sure that chia oil is the next skin care holy grail. [Beauty High]