Why People Are Getting Labia-Puffing Fat Injections

Why People Are Getting Labia-Puffing Fat Injections
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Ah, vaginas. Such wondrous, majestic, and straight-up magical orifices on our body that we just can’t resist messing with. And no, we’re not talking about your tame little vajazzle session or the mermaid design you intricately shaved into your pubes—hey, people do that, OK?—but a new “trend” of labia puffing, a.k.a. the fun little act of injecting (your own) fat into your lady bits for a younger, happier glow. Or so we assume.

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“The vagina, like the rest of our bodies, loses volume and fullness with age, as well as elasticity of the skin,” explains plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden to the Daily Star. “Plumping the labia majora gives it a more youthful appearance.” Yeah, it sounds just as fun as it probably feels. But, Walden continued, it’s a relatively quick procedure [that can be] done in the office … in about thirty minutes to one hour.”

But anything that can give you a new, shiny vagina in just one speedy office visit isn’t going to come cheap: the procedure can cost up to $3,500, which makes other fillers and injectables look like chump change. Still, the possible benefits of having a “restored” labial appearance—especially after childbirth or menopause—greatly outweighs any costs or discomforts.

Also, as proud members of the can’t-grab-our-🐱 club, we fully support you doing whatever the hell you want to your body. Stick your fat where you may, we say! Let your labias be free! Just make sure to find a reputable doctor first, because your vagina is a precious flower, etc.

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