La Roche-Posay Just Unveiled a Sensor That Looks Like Nail Art

La Roche-Posay Just Unveiled a Sensor That Looks Like Nail Art
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Skin care begins and ends with sun protection. That’s how it should be. But are we actually slathering on our SPF every single day? If we had to answer truthfully, it’d be a resounding “well, sometimes.” Thankfully, technology has caught up with our bad habits in the form of L’Oreal’s newest innovation.

This past weekend at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, it unveiled La Roche-Posay‘s UV Sense, the first battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor that promises to unveil just how much UV exposure, pollution and other environmental factors are truly affecting your skin. How does it do that, exactly? According to Allure, it’s able to collect information by using “near-field communication,” the same system that powers hotel key cards and car toll tags.

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Once it’s near your phone, an internal antenna takes all of the information it collected and transfers to an accompanying app, where you can read all of the sensor’s findings. As for how the actual findings are captured, Guive Balooch, who lead the device’s conception within L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, told Allure that the “central idea is UV monitoring.”

“You’ll be able to customize your dashboard to show pollution, humidity, and temperature, too,” he said. “Say you’re going running. You can start a session on the app, and it will tell you all the environmental factors during your run, whether you were exposed to higher UV, for example, and it will recommend lifestyle or product solutions for those exposures.”

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One of the standout features of the UV Sense is how small and compact it is. Although its functions are heavy-duty, the physical makeup is anything but. It measures a mere nine millimeters wide, two millimeters thick and is designed to be worn on your thumb nail for up to two weeks (additional adhesives come with the packaging).

The best part is it doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection to sync up with your phone or a charger. And since it looks like nail art (which you can wear over polish), it won’t cramp your style, either. But the overlying benefit of this genius invention is that it will force you to see just how detrimental bad habits, like not wearing sunscreen, are to your skin….if the scary statistics surrounding cancer and other skin-related diseases haven’t already.

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In case you’re wondering when you can get your hands on one of these, you’ll have to wait until 2019 when it launches globally. It will be available in limited quantities for U.S. consumers this summer. No word yet on pricing, but we recommend saving your pretty pennies now because it probably won’t be cheap.