La Mer (Finally) Launches a Beauty Oil That You Can Use Everywhere

Victoria Moorhouse

The Renewal Oil La Mer

Take note, La Mer devotees: The luxe skin care brand, known for its innovative—and wildly expensive—moisturizers beloved by celebrities and anyone else who can afford it alike, is finally launching a beauty oil. We’re a little surprised that it took them this long to get one on the market, given the enormous rise in popularity that oils have seen in the past few years, but judging by the sound of the multitasking new formula, we think it just may have been well worth the wait.

Out this October, the main draw to the Renewal Oil is that you can slather it everywhere (well, if you have the budget to). Priced at about $240, it’s an anti-aging product made with eucalyptus and sesame oils, along with the same sea kelp-infused “miracle broth” found in all of La Mer’s products, including the brand’s original cult-status Crème de la Mer. Clearly, it’s not your average impulse buy.

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The oil is primarily intended to soften wrinkles and fine lines on the face, but you can use it as a straight-up moisturizer on your bod, apply it to your nails to nourish and moisturize cuticles, and even use a dab to slick down frizz and flyaways. But the part that piques our interest the most is that you can add a drop or two to your favorite face cream for a boost of hydration, which leads us to believe that it’s not your usual heavy-duty oil but rather a versatile lightweight take. The fact that you have to shake it before use to activate that legendary “broth” only adds to the novelty.

Let’s be honest, though: we’re always on board with a great oil formula, and we totally agree that it’s high time La Mer jumped on the bandwagon, but we are hoping for some major miracles with this one. At that price, it had better be good.