Kylie Jenner, Chill 18-Year-Old, Posts No-Makeup Selfie

The best way to make a splash when you’re a cosmetics kingpin who wears a full face at pretty much all times: Post a makeup-free selfie. Kylie Jenner graced the world with a rather bare face yesterday, kicking it at home with nary a cat-eye in sight. Let’s be real: The reality star’s lips gave off a telltale shimmer, and her cheekbone had that glowing smoking gun of what was very likely a bit of highlighter, but her eyes were definitely devoid of the usual mascara/eyeliner/eyeshadow routine, her eyebrows looked to be their natural color, and her lips weren’t in full-on Kylie Lip Kit mode, so that’s something. Without layers of makeup, the 18-year-old looked much younger—like, about 18 years old.

Though she’s rarely seen this way, she has complained about her cosmetics-heavy lifestyle in the past. “I honestly hate wearing makeup,” Jenner told Interview last year. “Lately, I’ve just been so over it. I feel like I’m way too young to wear such heavy makeup all the time. It’s just bad for your skin, but I’m always doing photo shoots or red carpets and events, so I just obviously want to look good.”

Lest we forget what she’s all about, though, she quickly posted another shot of her brand of lipsticks and glosses yesterday, adding, “Thank you for all of the love and support today. Biggest restock we’ve had yet 💋 so blessed!” Don’t worry, Kylie. We would never confuse you with someone who doesn’t prioritize cosmetics, or accuse you of being au naturel.