Kylie Jenner—The Next YouTube Star?

Sable Yong


Love or hate her, you have got to give it to Kylie Jenner—girl has major beauty skills. Ever since she admitted that when she really wants to do it up, she’ll take 2-3 hours on her own makeup, we’ve been wondering along with you, “Uh, what kind of makeup takes THREE hours to do?” Lucky for us, we may just now be able to find out because KJ has set her sights on YouTube vlogging.

Are you really surprised? She’s already the brand ambassador for Nip+Fab and has her hair extension line with Bellami. “On Tuesdays we wear teal tips,” we can imagine her followers saying. It seems only natural that Kylie would go further into the direction of the beauty world, and on what better and more accessible platform than YouTube? We already over-analyze her Instagram selfies, hypothesizing how she gets those insanely long lashes and perfectly nude-rose lip looks.

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Some things we’re hoping Kylie covers on her YouTube Channel:

  • How to get our brows perfectly arched and defined
  • Contouring. Seriously, how do you do it? No, you, Kylie—we want to see you do it.
  • How does one actually put in clip-in hair extensions and have them look like your own hair?
  • Kylie’s beauty stash. Can you IMAGINE the haul videos of going makeup shopping with Kylie?
  • Lip fillers aside, how do you line your lips? Or for that matter, how do you nail that 90s lipstick look?

And, yeah… we could go on. What are you guys looking forward to on Kylie’s YouTube channel?

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