Here’s What Kylie Jenner Looks Like with Her New Platinum Hair

Kylie Jenner took her platinum blonde hair on the road by hopping a private plane to NYC from L.A. yesterday, and she finally debuted the new hue on social media. It’s safe to say she’s feeling herself: Jenner posted no less than 25 Snapchats last night — which is a lot, even for her — and almost all of them feature her new look. She’s also posted seven Instagrams since she touched down in NYC yesterday afternoon, and in every single one, she’s showing off her hair — and looking smug.

Though she noted that she couldn’t “decide between platinum blonde and honey” when she dyed her hair two days ago, she has firmly settled on the former, at least for now.

Jenner’s big change seems to be for New York Fashion Week, which officially starts tomorrow. Makes sense: Jenner wants to be just like Kim Kardashian, who went platinum for about five minutes for Paris Fashion Week two years ago.

Looks like Jenner got ready for her first outing in NYC last night at Kardashian’s $25 million Airbnb penthouse, where Kardashian is staying with husband Kanye West and their kids for the rest of summer and into the fall. Check out that view.


Here she is lip-syncing along to West’s infamous “Famous,” en route to his show at Madison Square Garden.

Here she is in the elevator with BFF Hailey Baldwin, who just starved herself for 10 days went on a 10-day “metabolic detox” in preparation for NYFW. Please note Baldwin’s vocal talents in the second Snap, which she shows off in lieu of an actual recording of “Famous.”

Here’s Jenner at West’s super star-studded MSG show, chilling with Kardashian, Tyga, Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, Jonathan Cheban et al.

Here’s Kardashian’s totally see-through dress in action.

And to round things out, here are four Snapchats of Jenner looking blissed out on Tyga’s love (including some serious his-and-her bling). Cute.