Kylie Jenner Goes Platinum Blonde to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

What have you been up to this holiday weekend? Barbecuing? Hanging out poolside or beachside? Deep chilling? Making s’mores? That’s cool. Kylie Jenner spent the entire day yesterday getting all of the color lifted from her hair. Now she’s platinum blonde. Surprise!

Though she hasn’t officially debuted her new color to the world yet—a.k.a. it hasn’t appeared on Instagram—she Snapchatted the whole process as it went down. She also teased her new look a few days ago, posting a shot of a bleach-blonde Kourtney Kardashian from back in the day on IG and captioning it with the Kardashians’ favorite word: “VIBES.”

Jenner kicked things off yesterday with a black-and-white shot of herself in what looks like her own kitchen, dog filter on full blast, hair wet, bleach on. “All Day,” she wrote. Next she posted a B&W dog-filter video of herself scratching her itchy scalp with the end of a fine-tooth comb, adding, “The pain.”

Since Jenner is not usually one for a black-and-white shot, she was obvs teasing her followers with the first two platinum posts, but she moved on to full color for the next videos, which really show off the new hue. Also in dog filter, because she is obsessed.

BFF (and fellow blondie) Jordyn Woods joined her for another duo of posts, taking it outside to the California sunshine for a better look at that new hair color.

Like it or hate it, don’t worry: A member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan doesn’t usually stay platinum for long. Even Jenner was already second-guessing it by late last night, posting, “Can’t decide between platinum blonde or honey” (and heavily utilizing the bee filter, of course).

Perhaps Jenner’s big change is for New York Fashion Week, which starts on Thursday. Jenner does want to be just like big sis Kim Kardashian, who went platinum for about five minutes for Paris Fashion Week two years ago. We’ll find out soon enough.