Kylie Jenner Has Bright Orange Hair Right Now

Kylie Jenner Has Bright Orange Hair Right Now
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What have you done in the last 24 hours? Maybe ate your weight in waxy drugstore chocolate, stayed late at work, binged the last few episodes of Suits—you know; normal Monday night stuff. Unless, of course, you’re Kylie Jenner, who, in the last 24 hours, has opened her own pop-up in New York City, had a balloon and cupcake-filled party, and dyed her hair tangerine orange.

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👑 MY TEAM! Can't BELIEVE the LOVE today!!!!!!!

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At least, that’s what it looked like when Kylie Jenner welcomed the billions of fans outside her pop-up shop who had been camped outside for up to 48 hours ahead of time, just to make sure they were first in line to be somewhat near the 19-year-old (yup, she’s only 19, still).

But, despite the fact that her orange roots looked really, really natural—like, we couldn’t even see a delineation between her scalp and the start of the wig—anyone who has studied Kylie as much as we have (sigh; we know) knows that her natural hair is actually a foot shorter than what she was rockin’ all day, thanks to her recent lob haircut.

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Still, we’re totally down with the blorange (that’s blondish orange, in case you haven’t noticed everyone on your Instagram wearing the shade, lately), and we’re even more impressed by the wig work, which was done by none other than one of her go-to hairstylists, Tokyo Stylez. We’re sure Jenner will switch her hair again in approximately one day, but for now, we’re diggin’ the Valentine’s Day-esque hair.


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