Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Pictures Spark Blackface Accusations

Victoria Moorhouse

Between the lips, the selfies and her every-changing hairstyle, Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram account is often the center of conversation. However, her latest few uploads didn’t start a “did-she, didn’t she” lip liner debate, but something of serious controversy. Two pictures of Kylie have led to fan uproar and accusations of the star donning blackface.

The initial photos that sparked the controversy reportedly featured Kylie with darker skin wearing shimmering, iridescent makeup, the second with the caption, “What I wished I looked like all the time,” but they have since been deleted. After posting the pictures, fans comments and debates starting pouring it, some of which accused the star of donning blackface.

Zendaya, who recently spoke out regarding insensitive, controversial comments made about her own dreadlocks, allegedly liked the photo and even commented on it “eff it up” with the hands clapping emoji.

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However, fans were quick to bring her attention to why they were upset with the photo, and Zendaya even took to Twitter to comment on the situation, explaining that she at first didn’t see the Instagram post that way, thinking it had an “avatar” look but then thanked her fans for letting her know.

Soon-thereafter, Kylie uploaded another photo from what appears to be the same shoot with the caption, “This is a black light and neon lights people let’s all calm down” and then credited her hair and makeup team, which consisted of Kardashian regular makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, hairstylist Chris Dylan, the photographer, and the studio where the pictures of the look were shot.

Kylie later took to Twitter to further comment on the accusations, again explaining that the photographer used lights to create the look, as well as to say that ” in another world” she wishes she could have pink hair and blue eyes and be covered in sparkles, but in this world she’s happy with how she looks.

The latest picture that Kylie posted of the series again credits her glam squad but with the simple caption of “goodnight.”

Accusations aside, like Zendaya said, Kylie Jenner’s Instagram controversy is just another reminder to be sensitive and aware of others’ feelings and the images we project and give off. Our first reaction was that we thought these were gorgeous, almost Avatar-inspired images, but it is good to see that these young stars are trying to (even after the fact) be aware of the impressions they can leave.

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What do you think about Kylie’s Instagram pictures? Do you think they are a part of a bigger project we’ll hear about later?