Kylie Jenner Took to Instagram to Warn Us That She’s Going Blonde

Rachel Krause


The Kardashian-Jenner squad is no stranger to hair changes, both abrupt (Kim’s platinum ambition) and gradual (Khloé’s slow transition to light blonde), but we think that Kylie takes the cake for her constant switch-ups. Her hair color experimentation in the past several months has run the gamut from blue extensions to brow-grazing black bangs and everything in between—including a short-lived and deeply controversial flirtation with cornrows—but nearly all of them have come courtesy of weaves or wigs. King Kylie just hasn’t been able to commit.

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Last night, however, the reality TV star turned social media maven turned beauty entrepreneur took to Instagram (naturally) to announce that she’ll be going an “ashy dirty blonde” shade for fall. Kylie also confirmed what we already knew: wigs are to thank for the majority of her constantly updated hairstyles, further playing into our theory that, unless otherwise stated, it’s always a wig.

She certainly won’t be the first of her fam to lighten up in a big way, with Kim and Khloé having already dabbled in various hues on the blonde spectrum, but we’re inclined to think that Kylie will follow her own precedent of going big or going home. “I’m coming for you,” she warned Khloé. If we were her, we’d watch our backs—and get our colorist on the phone, stat.