Watch the Moment a Traumatized Kylie Jenner Finds Her First Gray Hair

I can remember with great detail the afternoon of my 21st birthday when my best friend closely inspected my head and declared, “OMG, you have a gray,” before yanking the impostor from my scalp. Thankfully, the following five years have been gray-hair-free, but I do remember that moment as being particularly traumatizing. It’s why I (sort of) empathize with 18-year-old millionaire Kylie Jenner, who just discovered her own gray at the tender age of 18.

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Of course, because this is a Jenner we’re talking about, the pivotal moment was fully documented on Snapchat and then shared on Instagram, so you can relive it right here.

In case you can’t listen right now, the reality TV star’s hairdresser says, “Look what I found,” in the video while showing off the single silvery strand. Kylie says, “Oh my God, take it out!” while laughing, and some people in the background argue about whether plucking the hair will encourage more grays to sprout up in its place (um, probably not?). In another snap, Jenner presents a close-up photo of the offending piece of hair.

Kylie Jenner gray hair

Yup, that’s a gray. (Snapchat user kylizzlemynizzl)

Kylie’s older sister, Kendall, also found her first gray just two weeks ago, so things are clearly getting stressful in the Jenner household(s). Oh well, ladies, if all else fails, there’s always Kylie’s enormous wig collection to fall back on.