Kylie Jenner’s Green Lip Kit Is Being Compared to Something Out of Stormi’s Diaper

Kylie Jenner
Photo: Getty Images

By now, Kylie Jenner’s four new lip kits have circulated the internet hundreds of times. The major Kylie Cosmetics drop on April 10 has fans ecstatic, but one shade in particular is making a bigger splash than the rest: Ironic Matte.

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Unlike any shade from Jenner before, Ironic is a deep army green. Although some fans are loving the color, others are having a hard time seeing past its likeness to bodily functions. The comments on Kylie Cosmetics Instagram post don’t shy away from the specifics:

“Looks like diarrhea”

“Like when you suddenly decide to wear diarrhea on your lips #youknowimright

“Looks like snot”

“That looks like crap oml 💩”

“I know why it’s called ironic, it’s ironic that it’s the same color as cow crap 😂 seriously though I do love her brand. But whyyyyy??”

“Looks like a bottle of diarrhea”

“I bet she got this color idea from stormis diaper 😂😂😂”

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As much as we want to fight these comments, they’re kind of true— and hilarious. But to be honest, this shade could look fabulous on darker and olive skin tones if done correctly. And if you don’t believe us, people on Reddit have even started listing off dupes, so they can test out the color early.

The original poster, hnydw, replied to a comment, “you see shit green diarrhea I see an interesting color that’d work well with my skin tone and hair color.” Some of the notable mentions from the thread were Makeup Monsters Juniper and Black Moon’s Hazel if you’re thinking this color is for you.

The good news is we only have seven days until the drop, so it won’t be long until we see what the color looks like on multiple skin tones. And we’re hoping it’s not bile-like.