It’s Official: Kylie Jenner Is Opening a Cosmetics Pop-Up Shop

Lauren Caruso
It’s Official: Kylie Jenner Is Opening a Cosmetics Pop-Up Shop
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Update: It’s all happening—Kylie Jenner is opening a pop-up store. Yes, you read that correctly: If you live anywhere near the Westfield Topanga shopping mall in the San Fernando Valley, you can hit up her shop on December 9th, which’ll be packed to the gills with Kylie Cosmetics and “limited edition holiday gift sets,” whatever those may be.

A press release tells us that the store “will remain in operations while supplies last,” so if you actually want to buy anything in-store, we’d highly recommend getting there as close to the 9th as possible. Theoretically, the shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, but we doubt it’ll remain in operation all that long, given that her Lip Kits and other coveted items regularly sell out online in a flash.

Apparently, the shop was designed by Jenner herself, and part of its interior replicates the “design, décor, and furniture located in Kylie’s own bedroom,” so—you can feel like you’re inside Jenner’s actual room. Cool.

Possibly the best/most ridiculous part of all of this: “Another delightfully unexpected aspect of the custom-designed store is its monumental Christmas tree,” the release tells us. “Visitors are encouraged to pluck the tree’s ‘ornaments,’ which are actually Kylie’s cosmetics and other merchandise available for sale.” Happy shopping!

Original Post, June 24: If the internets are to be believed, Kylie Jenner—purveyor of the Kylie Lip Kit and floral rompers—will be opening a cosmetics store in the very near future. The 18-year-old Snapchatted some not-so-mysterious footage yesterday in what looks like a retail location for a makeup store.

During the Snap, you can see nearly a dozen people in the background, including both a cameraman (shoot for “KUWTK,” possibly?) and one Kris Jenner wearing a palm tree pantsuit of sorts. It was weird. In any case, Jenner says, “Makeup store’s about to be lit!” which, if you ask us, all but confirms the rumor.

On Jenner’s cosmetics site—not to be confused with the official Kylie Jenner site or the official Kylie Jenner app—she mentions she’s working on expanding the empire but gives little detail: “Kylie is currently working in the Kylie Cosmetics Lab on a handful of new, top secret products she’s creating to help give you that perfect ‘Kylie look.’” Can’t help but wonder if a brick-and-mortar location is the key to keeping Lip Kits in stock.

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