Kylie Jenner Really Loves Her Rainbow-Colored Coachella Braids

In keeping with her newfound habit of looking like she stepped out of an anime convention, Kylie Jenner kicked off Coachella’s first weekend with a waist-length pastel peach wig, which—after eight Instagrams—she ditched in favor of two bronie-style rainbow French braids.

Naturally, the 18-year-old supplemented the many, many hair pics with several of herself in a high-waist sequin bikini (which technically is a bra and undies by kitschy Australian brand Discount Universe) and also debuted a pair of blue fur pool slides.

Probably safe to assume, given we have another entire day left of the festival, the braids won’t be Kylie’s last hair change of the weekend. Check out the barrage of photos she posted below, and if you’re interesting replicating Ky’s entire #lewk, shop the picks above.