Kylie Jenner’s Entire Makeup Regimen Costs Less Than $200

Rachel Krause


If there’s one thing we appreciate about the Kardashian-Jenner crew, it’s that they don’t even pretend to be fans of “natural” beauty: they’re makeup lovers, skincare enthusiasts, workout fanatics, and appreciators of unabashed vanity. Even so—and despite the staggering amount of cash available in the house that reality TV built—they also aren’t snobs. Hell, Kim wore L’Oreal Paris lipstick at her impossibly luxe wedding.

Even Kylie Jenner, whose constant Juvéderm lip injections probably cost more than most girls her age spend in a year, likes to keep it (relatively) real when it comes to her hair and makeup.

The social media star turned budding beauty entrepreneur shared the secrets of her entire regimen with The New York Times, and the accessibility is kind of surprising. Between her Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation, which sells for $45, her favorite $3.99 Ardell Glamour Wispies Black Lashes, and everything else in her robust routine, the 18-year-old’s daily makeup look alone rings in at just under $200. That seems pretty reasonable for someone who could spend twenty times that and still have allowance to spare.

The verdict is still out on which lip liner she’s favoring at this moment in time (we don’t blame her for keeping it on the DL, considering she sold out MAC Spice within minutes), but Kylie did say that the lip kit she’s working on will consist of her three favorite colors: nude, “a sepia color,” and true brown. As if the ’90s weren’t making enough of a beauty resurgence without her influence.