Kylie Cosmetics Partners With Topshop for Holiday Pop-Ups

Kylie Cosmetics Partners With Topshop for Holiday Pop-Ups
Photo: Courtesy of Topshop

If you’ve ever found yourself scrambling for a Kylie Lip Kit, we have great news: you can put your device down. Topshop is teaming up with Kylie Jenner to open seven pop-up stores across the United States.

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On November 20, New York (5th Ave), Los Angeles (The Grove), Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami (Aventura) Topshops will be stocked with Jenner’s signature makeup line. This isn’t the first partnership with Topshop Jenner has done, but it is the first Kylie Cosmetics pop-up to be sponsored by a big shot retail brand.

To truly mark the occasion, Jenner is releasing two new lip sets (eight colors in total) that will be Topshop exclusives. Aside from the new goodies, the stores will also offer her classic lip, eye and face products. We can’t deny it—this girl knows how to werk.

And according to Twitter and Instagram, fans are already planning road trips and securing their line buddies before the big drop. If you thought you had to move fast online, you better pick up the pace because physical stores won’t have a full stock for long. Although we know the release date, we don’t know how long Jenner is planning to partner with Topshop, so we’re hedging our bets and getting there first.

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Consider yourself lucky if you’re in the U.S., because she still has the rest of world begging for her to touch down in their hometown.