Kylie Cosmetics Accused of Copying Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Soft Glam Palette

Kylie Jenner
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images.

This is quickly becoming the summer of Kylie Cosmetics. The Kylie Jenner‘s eponymous brand has released five eyeshadow palettes in just three months. (Who can even work that fast?!) While some of the palettes have made fans sing, like Blue Honey, others seem like either replicas of one another or more, seriously, of other brands.

Kylie Cosmetics’s latest drop, Sorta Sweet Palette, which is described as “a new neutral palette of beautiful mattes and earth tones,” has customers doing a double take. Though the colors are rich and gorgeous, people can’t help but notice that the palette is eerily close to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Soft Glam, which boasts 14 shades for $49. (For reference, Kylie’s Sorta Sweet Palette retails for $42 and has nine shades.) 

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“Nice! A travel sized @anastasiabeverlyhills Soft Glam palette 💁🏽‍♂️”

“I Rather Get The Abh Soft Glam Palette Than This $42 9 Pan Palette 🤭”

“her quality compared to ABH is wack haha even some indie brands are better than hers. All I’m trying to say is: people buying her brand are lying to themselves if they arent buying it just cause it has Kylie’s name on it. Cause her products arent even that inovative or ‘new’ on the market.”

“…….You’re gunna tell me this isn’t a mini version of soft glam from Anastasia??”


“Wait. Waaaaait. Does it have an older, better looking sister named Soft Glam?”

Things didn’t stop with ABH, however. People also likened  Kylie’s palette to MAC’s Semi Sweet, ColourPop’s You Had Me at Hello, and Laura Lee’s Noodie Patootie. Critics even commented how the palette was too close to things Kylie had put out before.

“Boring, the bronze pallet all over again 😢”

Throw a bright blue in there and you suddenly have the vacation palette”

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We have to admit that there are similarities in the shades, but if people can point to four different companies featuring the same shades doesn’t that mean that every cosmetics brand “copies” to some extent? Coming out with new colors seems like a hard job—especially if you’re trying to churn out new palettes every two weeks.

Sorta Sweet will be available June 28, but if the eyeshadows aren’t your thing, maybe the three lippies accompanying the drop will suit your fancy.