KROIA Launches, Heals with Color


Certain colors make each of us feel things– yellow walls can cause anxiety, for example, green grass is soothing, blue lights might make some of us, well, blue– but most of us don’t necessarily think of color as having the ability to heal. KROIA, a new skincare line developed by Karla Farach, is based on what some believe are those healing properties. The foaming moisturizers currently available were formulated using the principles of chromotherapy, the holistic practice of color-as-medicine, to bring harmony and balance to the skin.

KROIA’s three skin-specific lines include Age Defying Pink Therapy, Energizing Yellow Therapy, and Soothing Blue Therapy. The products are said to harness energy from color-based active ingredients, and incorporate color-saturated blends of pure aromatherapeutic extracts like neroli flower and mangosteen, essential oils like lavender, anti-aging actives, micronized gemstones like pink quartz (to help deliver color-energy frequencies to the skin), and the brand’s exclusive hydrating Bio-Chroma Waters.

Our stark-white bathrooms will appreciate the splash of color… hopefully our skin will too.

Kroia Active Foaming Moisturizer, $35, avaiable at

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