The Internet is Freaking Out Over This Mesmerizing Hair-Combing Video

The Internet is Freaking Out Over This Mesmerizing Hair-Combing Video
Photo: ImaxTree

Some addictive, “must-watch” videos make sense, like the ones that contain puppies (or Ryan Gosling) doing literally anything, or, for some very special people, the ones that show zits and blackheads getting squeezed. Hey, you do you. And then, every so often, a video comes along that, for seemingly no reason, makes the internet freak out and bow down almost overnight—like this simple, slow-mo video of hair being combed that people cannot stop watching.

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The video, posted by hairstylist-slash-wizard Kristin Ess, shows a woman (Ess’s little sister!) with ridiculously long and glossy waves standing against a dark wall while Ess slowly combs through her hair. And somehow, it makes for one insanely satisfying and oddly sensual video that we cannot stop watching over and over again—and we’re not alone in the sentiment. Says one user, “This is so mesmerizing,” while another writes, “That was truly an emotional experience.” Pretty much every single one of the comments on the video lists some sort of synonym for amazing, so we won’t list them all, but its near-100-thousand view count over the course of a few days speaks for itself.

We won’t pretend that you can perfectly recreate this look on yourself at home (some pretty hefty genetics are at play, here), but if you already have relatively straight, healthy-as-hell hair, Ess recommends curling sections of hair around a one-and-one-fourth-inch curling iron, placing the hair in the clamp, not around it, then lightly flat-ironing the ends to break up the curls, as she did in the video. As for the intensely shiny, glossy finish? Well, that’s apparently a secret, which Ess says she will be revealing next week. So until then, you’ll have to satisfy your hunger by watching and re-watching this video another billion times. We won’t judge.

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