Kristen Stewart Just Debuted the Coolest Ombré Mullet Haircut

Kristen Stewart Just Debuted the Coolest Ombré Mullet Haircut
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Calling it: Kristen Stewart is a throwback hairstyle queen. In July, the 27-year-old actress gave us serious ’90s nostalgia when she stepped out sporting bleach-blonde frosted tips, hearkening back to the days of NSYNC. Now, she’s focusing on another decade: the ’70s.

On Tuesday, the “Twilight” actress ditched the usual Halloween festivities and opted to attend the sixth game of the Major League Baseball World Series at Los Angeles’s Dodger Stadium instead. And though Stewart kept things relatively low-key with her ensemble—ripped jeans, a zip-up hoodie, and black sneakers—she created more than enough conversation with her head-turning haircut: an ombré mullet that’ll leave even the biggest ’80s rockers shook.

K Stew’s new hairdo, which featured a spiky quiff in the front and a slicked-down mini mullet in the back, is a result of the grown-out platinum-blonde buzzcut she received in March. After her darker brown hair grew in, allowing her platinum-blonde ends to resemble frosted tips, Stewart is experimenting again with dual-tone hair.

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For her new look, Stewart dyed her quiff and mullet platinum blonde, while keeping the middle section of her hair dark brown. She styled the entire look with a gel-like product, which she used to slightly flick the ends of her mullet up and shape the front of her hair into a mohawk-like quiff. However, as much we’d love to say that Stewart is paying tribute to ’70s icons like David Bowie and Paul McCartney with her mullet, it seems like the style was unintentional.

Given that Stewart has been sporting longer hair, particularly around the back of her head, for a while, it seems like she’s just continuing on with the trend by keeping her back long and sides neatly cropped. Still, intentional or not, we can confidently say that the look is working for her.