Kristen Bell Wore a $4 Item From Whole Foods to The Emmys

Kristen Bell Wore a $4 Item From Whole Foods to The Emmys
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If you’ve watched any red carpet event even once in your life, you know how the coverage usually goes: A celebrity mentions the $500,000 designer gown that they’re wearing, gushes about their priceless swathing of diamonds and jewels, shows off their custom-dyed heels, and the interviewer nods appreciatively, knowing that they’ll never get close to replicating that outfit without winning the lottery or becoming famous. Because that’s Hollywood and #life. So when Kristen Bell admitted that she was wearing a $4 product from Whole Foods to last night’s Emmys, we wanted to hug her through our television screens and then promptly go shopping.

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In an interview with Giuliana Rancic during Live From the Red Carpet, Bell (who was wearing a Zuhair Murad couture gown—sorry, there are some things you just can’t find at Whole Foods) told the host, “I’m wearing an amber oil; I get it from Whole Foods. [It’s] a little bottle that says ‘amber’ on it. Four bucks, go for it.” Rancic then proceeded to sniff Bell’s wrist and compliment the actress’s scent, which is kind of a ringing endorsement, if you don’t think too hard about it.

kristen bell emmys5 Kristen Bell Wore a $4 Item From Whole Foods to The Emmys

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And sure, wearing a cheap fragrance to the Emmys is not as revolutionary as if she wore a hemp potato sack and a free-trade celery stalk headband (DO IT!), but we’re still happy to see a celebrity tout a regularly priced product that’s actually affordable for most beauty junkies. So try the amber oil for yourself at your nearest Whole Foods (unfortunately, the store doesn’t have online shopping, womp womp). We can’t guarantee you’ll feel like a red-carpet celebrity, but you’ll at least smell like one. Goals?

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