Kourtney Kardashian Explains How Washing Your Hair Wrong Can Cause Acne

Kourtney Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images

If you’re a lazy showerer like us, you likely have the same five-step routine: Shampoo, rinse, condition, body wash, rinse. The quick and efficient routine, which saves time by washing your body was your conditioner soaks in, is a favorite for many people on the ago. (Or who simply hate showering.) But what if we told you that the simple routine could cause acne?

According to Kourtney Kardashian, the way that you’ve been showering your entire life could put you at a risk for breakouts. In a recent post on her website and app, the 39-year-old’s skin-care expert, Christie Kidd, explained how rinsing out your conditioner and body wash at the same time could cause acne, especially on your back.

As Kidd explains, rinsing out your conditioner at the same time as your body wash can leave an oily residue on your face and back. Though the residue is great for leaving your hair soft and silky smooth, it’s not the safest for the skin and cause breakouts and clogged pores when it sinks into the skin.

To avoid this, Kidd recommends washing out your conditioner thoroughly and putting your hair up before you lather on body wash. That way, the body wash cleanses your back before the conditioner’s oil can do any serious damage.

“Washing and conditioning your hair can cause ‘backne,'” Kidd said. “First things first, when you wash your hair, be sure to completely rinse out all the shampoo. Then, after you apply conditioner, make sure it gets thoroughly rinsed out too. Then, you should clip up your hair to get it off your back before using body wash. Lather up your cleanser all over your back with your hands and let it sit there for a moment or two (so it can absorb into the skin), then rinse thoroughly.”

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Sure, rinsing out your conditioner before washing your body is an added step. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal if you want to avoid backne.