Why Konjac Sponges are the Answer to Daily Exfoliation

Shannon Farrell

When it comes to beauty, Asian cultures tend to be years ahead. So if they say something works we take them on their word—they did bring us BB creams, after all. The latest trend to arrive is the konjac sponge, and we of course wanted to give it a test drive.

Made from the root of the konjac plant (native to eastern Asia), the hard sponge is made soft enough for gentle exfoliation when drenched in water. Because it’s made from a natural fiber that absorbs water very easily, the sponge has a fine texture, gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin. The rubbery texture (don’t confuse this for your dish sponge) creates a thick, rich lather with only a dab of cleanser. And unlike a loofah that is prone to storing bacteria, the konjac sponge dries quickly, keeping mold and bacteria at bay. Store it in a dry, elevated place after each use.

The high fiber sponge is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin because the fiber closely brushes against the skin, unclogging pores and gently removing dead skin. The circular movement creates faster cell turnover by activating the lymphatic system to circulate nutrients throughout the body more efficiently.

For some of the best konjac brushes on the market, check out the gallery above. Glowing, oil-free skin in the summer made seriously simple—we’ll take it.

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