UPDATE: All the Details on Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Hair and Makeup!

Laurel Pinson

After weeks of speculation leading up to the over-the-top wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, we at least have a glimpse of what Kim wore on her big day, and her final beauty look!

For her big day, Kim recruited hair guru Chris McMillan (best known for being Jennifer Aniston’s hair whisperer) to handle her locks, and we got the scoop on how he created the looks. For the ceremony, McMillan began with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. “I applied the product on damp hair, along with a little bit of Full Mousse at the crown. Then I gave Kim a classic blow dry with a round brush,” he says. “We did a center part which is very fashionable, very chic, very modern. It reminded me of Ali MacGraw in ‘Love Story’ — modern but with this retro nod. Then I added a small pump of Satin at the ends of Kim’s hair to make it look as healthy, pretty, and youthful as possible.”

As for the reception, Kim had a bit of a hair change (because why wouldn’t she?). “After Kim took her veil off, I pulled the two front pieces of hair back. I used another Emi-Jay ponytail holder to make a tiny little ponytail in the back — it was very ’70s. It started at her temples and went to the back of her head,” McMillan says. “I then took a little spray of baby’s breath from her bouquet and put it in the middle of the ponytail. I always like to put flowers in the hair, especially at a wedding, but not in a big way. I like to do it in a simple, small way. That’s a go to thing. Ricardo Tisci was like, ‘Let’s do this! Let’s put a tiny bit in her hair.’ Collaborating with the designer of Givenchy was just amazing,” he gushed.

Mario Dedivanovic did Kim’s makeup for the evening, which featured a slightly smoky eye, a nude lip, and lots of emphasis on her cheekbones. (McMillan and Dedivanovic posed for an Instagram together at the party following the big event.) Dedivanovic also did Kim’s makeup for her Friday night party at Versailles, which placed a much heavier emphasis on the eyes with a very dramatic smoky look.

In contrast to her 2011 wedding look—which was very Hollywood glamour-inspired, with an updo and a very romantic eye—Kim’s wedding makeup in Italy was quite natural-looking and glowy.

Official photos from the event have yet to be released, but a few Instagrams posted by pals at the party offer a great peek at Kim’s makeup and hair for her big day, like the shots here!