Kim Kardashian Paired Her Met Gala Contacts with $20 Mink Lashes

Kim Kardashian Paired Her Met Gala Contacts with $20 Mink Lashes
Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian-West’s light brown contacts were undoubtedly a beauty highlight during last night’s Met Gala, but her elongated, wispy eyelashes quite literally swept us away. Although Kimmie doesn’t usually wear falsies, there’s no way anyone could convince us those lashes were natural— did you see the length and fullness?!

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As expected, the star’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, posted a full list of products he used on Kardashian-West, but once people noticed the lashes were missing, they immediately started asking where they could get the falsies ASAP. And after many, many prompts, Dedivanovic finally shared that they’re Lilly Lashes in the style “Goddess.”

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Things get better, though; not only did Dedivanovic reveal the brand, but it turns out they’re only $19.99. Heavenly, indeed. As for the rest of the look, it’s no surprise Dedivanovic stuck with KKW Beauty for foundation, concealer, and especially eyeshadow, using hues from their KKW x MARIO palette. Even if some thought Kardashian-West lagged in dressing the theme, there’s no denying she slayed the beauty game. 

As for those falsies, they’re about to be our work, GNO, grocery-store-run lashes and no one can stop us.