Kim Kardashian Launches Perfume


The Kardashian brand has one more item to add to its ever-expanding resume: a new fragrance from Kim Kardashian. The scent, which will be released in February, is being developed by Kim with Lighthouse Beauty, as a combination of sweet floral and richer woodsy scents. Sephora has been granted exclusivity to the perfume for its first three months on the market, and will then be available at department stores (would that be right around Mother’s Day? Good timing).

The perfume will be promoted online, in print ads, and of course on the show. (Considering Kim and her family’s arsenal of TV shows and appearances, the product will certainly have its fair share of exposure.)

Kim’s scent could just be the beginning for her and the beauty industry: she is already planning a second scent for 2011, and would like to someday launch an entire line. For someone who is famous for her beauty and is blessed with endless social and media opportunities, we can only imagine how successful of an idea this will be.