Kim Kardashian Looks Almost Unrecognizable With Bleached Eyebrows

Elizabeth Denton
Kim Kardashian Looks Almost Unrecognizable With Bleached Eyebrows
Photo: Getty Images.

Kim Kardashian officially has another viral magazine cover. Kardashian covers Interview magazine‘s September “American Dream Issue” with a platinum blonde wig and bleached eyebrows. You might be thinking, Doesn’t she have blonde hair already? Yes, but this is different. The Americana-blonde wig has a ’70s feel to the style, with Farrah Fawcett-style flipped-out ends. Her brows are bleached, too — or at least, they look like they are.

It’s a huge trend on TikTok right now to face a bleached brow with concealer but here, Kardashian’s eyebrows really do look as blonde as her hair. Chris Appleton is responsible for the look, along with Ariel Tejada on makeup. She’s rocking a natural glam. Even though it’s a literal magazine cover, her makeup seems less dramatic than we usually see on the star.

Nadia Lee Cohen is the talented photographer behind the pictures, while Interview Editor-in-Chief Mel Ottenberg both styled and interviewed Kardashian. We’re assuming it was his choice — with the star’s permission, of course — to have her, well, partly naked.

There are a ton of juicy moments in the interview. For starters, she might not be blonde for long. “I am keeping it for a little bit,” she said. “I feel like in the fall I’ll go dark, just because I don’t want to damage my hair. But, I do think blondes have more fun. I just feel different.”

Kardashian talks about how comfortable the shoot was, as well. That’s what happens when you hire great woman photographers. “Oh my god. I loved it,” she says. “Working with Nadia Lee [Cohen]—we just vibe so well when we shoot together. She’s the first photographer that I’ve really gone full force with. The team was like, ‘No jockstrap.” And I’m like, ‘Come on. This is what I do.’ I do best when I’m ignoring them and doing what I want. So, I’m glad we did it.”

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