Kim Kardashian Got Bangs: What Do You Think?

Wendy Rodewald
Kim Kardashian bangs

Kim Kardashian’s new bangs.
Photo: via Instagram

UPDATE: Kim later revealed on her website that the bangs were just clip-ins. But we totally think she should make the cut for real.

We may have to add a new face to our list of Celebrities Who Look Better With Bangs. Hot on the heels of the new Kardashian family holiday card, Kim Kardashian debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram Tuesday. The reality star tweeted a collage of her new look in progress, following a photo shoot with her hairstylist Chris McMillan:

Kim Kardashian's new bangs in progress

Kim Kardashian’s new bangs in progress.
Photo: via Instagram

Meanwhile, McMillan posted a full frontal shot of the new fringe. We think this makeover will work well with Kim’s new Kanye-approved high fashion wardrobe. How about you?