Kim Kardashian Goes Sans Fake Lashes And Mascara For Allure

Amanda Elser

We never thought we’d see the day when Kim K would ditch her drag queen makeup tendencies and opt for a more natural beauty. But perhaps the natural look she sported on the new Allure cover really was her way of turning over a new leaf in 2012.

Makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi took off the lashes and mascara for a more natural look. “Kim is a natural beauty,” she said, “So we wanted to show her as naturally as possible, like she had just come back from the beach.” To get this look just simply draw a red-brown pencil on the upper and lower lids. For the face, Fulvia just applied a bronze, creamy foundation for that sun-kissed glow and dabbed on a pink-beige lipstick.

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As for those beach tossed tresses, hairstylist Serge Normant told Allure he curled Kardashian’s hair with a one-inch curling iron to give it random waves. Then he smoothed on a dry oil for a sheen and dabbed pomade near her roots to add weight and texture.

What do you think of Kim’s natural look?