News: Kim Kardashian Bleaches Her Brows; The Grey Hair Trend

Rachel Krause

Just when you thought bleached brows had gone the way of the dinosaurs, none other than Kim Kardashian showed up at sister Kendall’s birthday party sporting the look. Don’t worry, she assures us—it’s for a photo shoot. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

Model Lea T, who Oprah deemed the “first transgender supermodel,” has been chosen as the new face (and hair) of Redken. We’re a little teary-eyed over seeing the transgender rights advocate score her first huge beauty campaign. [Allure]

Good news for anyone who’s noticed their melanin production fading fast: Grey hair is in right now. [Beauty High]

Bid adieu to Beyoncé‘s teeny baby bangs! Bey showed up at a basketball game in Brooklyn looking like her usual self, curly bob and all. [NY Mag]

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