Kim Kardashian Goes Back To The Dark Side

Sable Yong


How brief the blonde was! Kim Kardashian stopped the presses when she went platinum last month, AFTER chopping her long locks in a lob for the Grammys. It seems that was just a blink ago because here she’s been spotted having gone back to black, taking daughter, North West, to ballet practice. We’re shocked she fully back-pedaled after her platinum looked so good tone after tone. It’s been said that she’d been in for touch-ups three times for the three weeks she was blonde. A touch-up a week—now that’s keeping up! Are we to assume that we’ll be hearing about a new gig for Kim which calls for dark hair?

Perhaps not even Kim, who likely has a loyal hair colorist at her beck and call, could deal with the rapid root regrowth that the rest of us hem and haw about, visiting the salon every month (or two) to plunk down more $$$ to maintain our blonde.

What do you guys think—Does Kim look better blonde or brunette?

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