Revealed: The Secret to Kim Kardashian’s Sculpted Abs

Revealed: The Secret to Kim Kardashian’s Sculpted Abs
Photo: Wenn

All this time, we thought Kim Kardashian’s abs were the result of a lot of hard work, a strict healthy diet, many early morning gym sessions, and actual blood, sweat, and tears. And while all of those factors may have played into her current physique—she stepped out last night in Miami practically naked, and there’s no faking that—it turns out that she also gets a bit of help from her spray tan, according to—you guessed it—her spray-tan specialist, or whatever you call the person who holds the spray-tan hose.

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Tan guru Fabiola Trujillo pulled the old post-and-delete on Facebook after she sprayed Kardashian to a perfect burnt-orange crisp the other day, and though she may have thought better of her words, People captured them for posterity. “While I was spray tanning Kim between layers as she likes to get dark she would go outside and took this Snapchat while drying, have to admit spray tan looks pretty awesome on her and even painted her abs while spraying her!!” Trujillo wrote on Facebook alongside Kardashian’s viral nude Snapchat photo.

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We’ll never know for sure why Trujillo deleted the post, but we have a feeling the reason may have started with a “Kim” and ended with a “Kardashian.” No one wants their beauty secrets exposed—especially not by their spray-tan master.