Kilo Kish Spills Every Last Detail of Her Low-Key Beauty Routine

Kilo Kish Spills Every Last Detail of Her Low-Key Beauty Routine
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If the ongoing battle among Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and current title-holder Selena Gomez for most Instagram followers is any indication, it seems that the secret to being a successful musician today lies in one’s online presence. Which is why it was so surprising when Los Angeles–based vocalist Kilo Kish decided to take a break from social media at the height of her popularity, when she was garnering attention for not only her music, but also modeling, deejaying, and designing.

Turns out going cold turkey was way more productive than racking up likes: While away, the 25-year-old musician focused on her artistry and came back with her debut album Reflections in Real Time, which released last month. She also took the time to create her imprint, Kisha Soundscape + Audio, and work on her forthcoming lifestyle brand Kisha, set to launch later this spring.

To separate Kish from her love for fashion and beauty is impossible: She majored in textile studies at FIT, so the woman both knows style and lives it. Her penchant for skin care, hair, and makeup align with her downtown-cool aesthetic: retro-inspired denim, voluminous natural curls, mixed prints, and bold lips for a pop of color. While the buzz of her 20-track LP is still reverberating, we talked to Kish about her five-minute makeup routine, her strangest beauty habit, and the discontinued product she’s still lamenting.

Kilo Kish


The first thing I do in the morning is:
Brush my teeth to start the day.

My everyday skin-care routine includes:
I generally don’t wear makeup, so I just use a rosewater spray, Darphin serum, and SPF moisturizer after I shower. When I go to bed, I spray on some more rosewater and use Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream.

My go-to five-minute beauty routine includes:
Only two products! Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in 97 Desinvolte on my lips and cheeks, and Glossier Boy Brow Gel.

My favorite cocktail is:
A Moscow mule or jalapeño-cucumber margarita.

My favorite meal in the world is:
My favorite food is edamame. I could eat buckets of it!

My favorite way to work out is:
Yoga, walking outside, Spin, Zumba, and dance classes.

Kilo Kish

Mounir Taieb-Ouis

I keep my hair healthy by:
Using Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil and anything by Moroccanoil.

My weirdest beauty secret is:
I don’t use a facial cleanser—just my Dr. Bronners Bar Soap when I shower. Perhaps that isn’t so weird!

My favorite lip color is:
Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Rebelle, but it’s discontinued!

My must-have beauty products are:
Bioderma Crealine, the aforementioned cream by Dr. Jart, and Mario Badescu SPF 15 Aloe Moisturizer.

My favorite thing about my job is:
Its creativity. It’s truly an extension of who I am.

Kilo Kish


The best beauty tip I’ve ever received is:
Take your makeup off before bed!

My favorite Instagram accounts to follow are:
@Oprah for wisdom and @daquan for all the most hilarious memes.

My favorite travel beauty tips are:
Just check your bag and bring everything you love from home. I hate not having the soaps and lotions I love! Keep a travel kit ready so you don’t have to pack it every time.

The beauty trend I’m dying to try is:
More masks! I always forget to do them when I’m just sitting at home.

My favorite lesser-known brands are:
Glossier—living for their products.