Beauty MVP: Kiernan Shipka’s Easy Textured Waves

Victoria Moorhouse
Kiernan Shipka Hair

Instagram: @brycescarlett

Celebrities are steadily delivering us an endless supply of beauty inspiration, whether it’s when they strut onto the red carpet or decide to share a snap of their life on Instagram. We carry along pics of their impeccable haircuts to the salon and regularly look to them for a way to switch up a standard cat-eye. It seems like it would be impossible to pick a favorite, but each week there’s one celeb hair or makeup moment that really speaks to us. That’s the look that gets crowned our Beauty MVP.

Sometimes it’s the hair looks with the simplest set of instructions that prevail all others—and that was definitely the case when Kiernan Shipka wore her angled bob in gloriously textured waves at the 5th Annual Coach and Friends of The High Line Summer Party this week. Her hairstylist Bryce Scarlett captured this moment above, explaining that her bandana tied around her neck gave them the chance to create a “cool and easy” look.

And because Bryce explained Kiernan’s hair dried “really nicely” (we say, like a dream), they went with an enhanced natural wave. After her hair dried, Bryce blow-dried her hairline using Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray and then used not a curling iron but a flatiron—believe it or not—to add in extra waves.

“I then sprayed Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at the root and ran Wella Velvet Amplifier Styling Primer through her hair to add definition and weight,” he explained of this look.

That’s literally all that was done to get Kiernan’s waves, but we’ll add in attention to her deep side part—creating a center part will make this style feel slightly more sharp and less casual.

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Celebrity makeup artist Quinn Murphy took a few more steps to complete Kiernan’s beauty look, which took on a fresh and natural feel.

“I wanted to give her radiant glowing skin with some subtle definition on the eyes and a sophisticated stain on the lip,” notes Quinn.

After moisturizing her skin and applying a light layer of foundation, Quinn worked to brush and fill in her enviable brows with MAC Eye Brows in Lingering. She applied eye polish, lined her lashes, and used mascara to make her lashes pop even more, while finishing off the skin with a peachy blush.

The lip trick really got us. To make her lips hold more of a color stain with little texture, she pressed the color onto Kiernan’s lips with her ring finger.

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