This Is the Face of a Child Who Just Feasted on a Chocolate-Scented Eyeshadow Palette

Rachel Krause

It’s obvious to an adult that eating makeup is almost always a bad idea, regardless of whether or not it smells like food, but for an unsupervised child encountering an eyeshadow palette that smells exactly like chocolate? Well, I can see how there could be some confusion—and it’s safe to say that, for this unsupervised child, there was some confusion indeed.

Lauren Rincon aka @llaurenbbby, of South El Monte, California, tweeted this very important cautionary tale of a Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection palette and a toddler, in which Rincon’s niece is shown shortly after a meal of chocolate-scented powder eyeshadow.

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The culprit was photographed alongside the brutalized palette, covered in universally flattering neutrals and looking guilty as hell. Fortunately, Rincon reported to concerned Twitter users that she was able to save her “baby” except for a few colors, and that Too Faced reps assured her that the cocoa powder-infused eyeshadows do not contain any toxic or otherwise harmful ingredients and they’d be sending her a brand-new palette posthaste. All is well that ends well—now get that kid some real chocolate.

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