Khloe Kardashian Cut Her Hair Into The Easiest Style You Can Copy at Home

Khloe Kardashian Cut Her Hair Into The Easiest Style You Can Copy at Home
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Alright, so most of the time a Kardashian does anything, you have to assume that you’ll never be able to replicate it at home. But we’re here to tell you that not only did Khloe Kardashian get a kick-ass haircut with the prettiest beachy waves we’ve seen all winter, but her hairstylist, Justine Marjan, explained exactly how she created Khloe’s new style, so you, too, can recreate the look at home.

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No, really! Like, sure, we don’t recommend you take your kitchen scissors to your head and try to cut some choppy layers yourself, but we do think you should copy her soft, piece-y waves a.s.a.p. And because Marjan, whose client roster includes Olivia Culpo, Chrissy Teigen, and Shay Mitchell, is a gift to the world (and your hair), she wrote out the exact products in an Instagram story that she used to create Khloe’s waves. And yes, they’re all insanely affordable and easy to use. Huzzah!

Photo: Instagram / Justine Marjan

Photo: Instagram / Justine Marjan

First, Marjan raked a dollop of Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume Mousse through Khloe’s damp hair, then blew it out with a Ghd Air Hairdryer and a Rain Cry ceramic round brush, before adding a bunch of clip-in extensions (because, duh—it’s Khloe Kardashian). Starting in the middle of Khloe’s hair, Marjan wrapped small sections of hair around a one-inch Ghd Curve Classic Curl Iron, alternating directions with each piece. After letting the hair cool, she spritzed it with Tresemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo and Ouai Texturizing Hairspray for texture and hold, smoothed a tiny bit of Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade through the ends for a piece-y look, and gave the whole thing one last misting of Tresemmé Tres Two Hairspray to smooth flyaways and add some shine.

Hey, nobody said it getting Khloe’s Instagram-worthy hair was a quick and easy process. But You really can get it at home, as long as you have, like, 30 minutes, and a shit-ton of products. So try it out on yourself this week, and feel like a Kardashian for approximately five minutes. Yay!

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Credit: Instagram | @justinemarjan

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