Celebrity Hair Heist: Ke$ha

Amber Katz
Ke$ha Hairstyle

Credit: © Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Ke$ha definitely rocks an edgy look I’m fond of referring to as “Lady Gaga Lite.” But her self-described look is… “garbage chic.” Waking up in the morning feeling like P Diddy is one thing… but looking like Keith Richards is entirely another. Now, the gal’s raw material is a great canvas for some new beauty concepts. After all, she stylizes her name by adding in a dollar sign (rumored to highlight the irony that money isn’t important to her), so we thought some stylization of her strands was also in order. We threw Ke$ha in the virtual Makeover Studio and transformed her from follicular folly to polished party girl.


We love Sarah Jessica Parker‘s lush waves on Ke$ha because they’re a better-groomed version of her current style. And yet, they maintain an unstuffy air of vitality that’s in sync with her youthful persona.


Heidi Klum‘s oft-facsimiled long bob (lob) is a bit more professional, thanks to its structured silhouette. Offset by her typical intense eye makeup, it provides a bit of beauty balance to her look.


Zooey Deschanel‘s be-banged Boho-chic braided style is another small twist on Ke$ha’s current aesthetic. The fringe frames Ke$ha’s face nicely, while the braid amid loose, flowing waves captures Ke$ha’s free spirited personality.

Which look do you think looks best on Ke$ha? Tell us in the comments!

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