The Affordable Supplement Kerry Washington Uses to Keep Her Eczema in Check

The Affordable Supplement Kerry Washington Uses to Keep Her Eczema in Check
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Skin-care can be a tricky beast, but once you add in stressors like acne and eczema, things get even more burdensome. And although we look at a celebrity’s skin as being flawless (like Bella Hadid’s at the Cannes Film Festival), they face the same challenges as us. Sometimes— or most of the time, TBH— their fixes are pricey or out of reach, but Kerry Washington’s secret for moderating her eczema will cost you as little as $10.

The “Scandal” actress recently told Glamour her solution for rough and inflamed skin is “daily fish oil supplements, because omega fatty acids work.” A quick run down: omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for skin, hair, and heart health, and are found in chia seeds, spinach, walnuts, and of course, fish. While there is concern for overtaking the supplement, a fish-rich diet has long been proposed by doctors.

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As for Washington, the supplement has become a staple in her day-to-day routine for those very reasons. In another interview from this past Fall with Allure, she made clear she takes the pill at night to avoid a lingering fishy aftertaste and “so you don’t have to deal with burping up fish oil all day.” Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Even if you don’t have eczema, or if you do, fish oil is great for all-around skin hydration and ridding of inflammation. As always, check with a doctor or dermatologist before you start popping fish oil pills because you don’t want things to get messy. Otherwise, healthier skin just one capsule away and for a small price to boot.