The Kennedys Miniseries Brings Us Back To The ’60s

Rachel Adler

The Kennedys mini-series, starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear has created almost as much controversy as The Kennedys themselves. The 8-part series was released by the History Channel in January, and turned down by every other network except for ReelzChannel, a practically unheard of network, until now.

The show of course went on though (as they always do), and Holmes showed us that she could play a character other than Joey Potter. To take on the role of someone as poised and chic as Jackie Kennedy is no easy task, and we must say so far we’re quite impressed.

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We also couldn’t help finding ourselves becoming a bit jealous over how amazing an era the 60s were (or how amazing she was) the pearls, white gloves, perfectly coiffed bouffants and chic cropped bob. Everything had such an elegance and ease to it. She was a legendary trendsetter, and we will definitely enjoy watching the rest of The Kennedys, if only to watch the costumes, hair and makeup to come.