Now You Can Listen to Kendall Jenner’s Workout Playlist at the Gym

Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith go for a hike with friends


Trawling through her Instagram, there isn’t really a ton of evidence that Kendall Jenner spends a lot of time at the gym—except for, you know, her abs. However, we do know that she works out with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, and every now and then the paparazzi will snap her dressed in activewear, so the girl must get some exercise in somewhere.

In a recent post on her website, Jenner admitted that she hates cardio and fitness classes, and listens to a “chill” playlist when she’s working out, which she also shared with readers. “For me, my perfect workout is either alone or with a private trainer and doesn’t involve a lot of cardio. I don’t usually love classes because, to be honest, I feel kind of weird with other people around and watching me. So, I created an ideal chill playlist for just hitting the gym alone to tone,” she wrote.

Jenner’s playlist includes tracks by Nelly, AkonJames Blake, Ashanti, and Ciara and, seeing as there’s actually plenty of research to show that playing a killer song at the gym can actually improve your workout and make you feel more motivated, might be worth subscribing to. In fact, the music you listen to when working out actually stimulates the motor area of the brain as to when to move. So, basically, a solid tempo can help keep your own speed in self-paced movements like running.

With that in mind, take a look at the model’s workout mix and shakeup your own exercise playlist. Hopefully you’re a fan of contemporary R&B and hip-hop, because Kendall sure is: