Kendall Jenner, Known for Long Locks, Just Debuted a Summery Lob

kendall jenner Kendall Jenner, Known for Long Locks, Just Debuted a Summery Lob

We hope you like lobs, because Kendall Jenner just debuted a wayyy shorter haircut on her Snapchat, which will likely inspire many, many others to pay a little visit to their nearest hair salon. The model posted a quick selfie this afternoon, doing her best surprised mouth and showing off her new ’do. Oh, and she added the “face screaming in fear emoji,” because—what else would you add to such a photo? The boar emoji? (🐗)

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Jenner really hasn’t done much with her hair since she started modeling—it’s pretty much always long, straight, and brown—so this new look is a bold move for her. She has also spoken about how protective she is about her hair, “People have asked me to get bangs, and I say, ‘No way,'” she said on her website. “Thankfully, faux-fringe is always a good solution! At least with something as drastic as cutting my hair, I most definitely have a say!” Assuming this is the real deal—and it looks as though it is—she has finally decided to take the “drastic” measure, and this is the shortest we’ve ever seen her hair.

And you thought it was big news when she got a trim in 2014 and showed it off on Justin Bieber’s Instagram.