Kendall Jenner Just Casually Debuted Blonde Hair on the Burberry Runway

Elizabeth Denton
Kendall Jenner Just Casually Debuted Blonde Hair on the Burberry Runway
Photo: Shutterstock.

Out of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kendall Jenner is the one who sticks to a somewhat classic beauty look with her medium-length black hair. That’s why we gasped when we saw Jenner’s blonde hair on the Burberry Runway. Although she didn’t walk in any New York Fashion Week shows, Jenner surprised everyone by slaying the runway at London Fashion Week. In fact, Burberry is her first show of fashion month and she came out with a bang.

Jenner’s blonde hair is warm and honey-colored, not very different from her BFF Bella Hadid’s. It’s highlighted in a pretty ’90s way with dark roots. I would usually speculate that the new look is a wig but this color looks a lot more real than when she’s played around with faux-hair in the past. Jenner shared a shot of the blonde on her Instagram stories with just a “hi,” giving us a peek at her hair transformation before she hit the runway.

kendall jenner bonde


Maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist (not really), but this hue actually looks much more one-color and like a wig than her highlighted ‘do on the runway. It’s also possible I’m crazy and it’s all the same. For someone with hair as naturally dark as Jenner’s, the bleach needed to lighten it can seriously damage your hair. Trust me, I’ve been there. A wig is an easy way to switch up your look sans damage.

It’s also possible Jenner was tired of letting her sisters have all the fun with their hair and she wanted to join. As much as I love all the Kardashian-Jenners with their naturally dark hair, I have to admit this sunny hue looks gorgeous on the model. We’ll have to see if she keeps it for other shows this season.