Beauty Buzz: Kelly Osbourne Talks Purple Hair Copycats, Where You’re Forgetting SPF, More

Rachel Adler
Kelly Osbourne

Photo Courtesy of Wheat Thins/via StyleCaster

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1. Find out how Kelly Osbourne really feels about everyone dyeing their hair lavender. [StyleCaster]

2. Are you covering all of your bases when you’re applying your sunscreen? There is one place you’re most likely forgetting. [Daily Makeover]

3. Looking for a new haircut? Here are 30 celebrity cuts to choose from to switch it up for the new season. [Glamour]

4. With the whole Coconut Water craze (and health juice craze) what other fitness waters do we need to know about? [Fashionista]

5. There is yet another new diet fad – called the 100 bites diet – and it is apparently going to be the next big thing in weight loss. [The Cut]

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