Q&A: Kellie Pickler On Skin Care, High Heels, and Being a Tomboy

Rachel Adler

Country songstress Kellie Pickler is the definition of a sweet, Southern girl, oozing lovable charm from the instant you meet her. Pickler shot to stardom after competing in the fifth season of American Idol at age 19 in 2005 (she finished in sixth place), and shortly thereafter released her debut album Small Town Girl, which included her first hit, “Red High Heels.” Upon meeting her, the first thing Pickler does is go in for a big hug, showing off her fit frame in a tank top, jeans and heels. She notes that she doesn’t generally wear heels — although it’s a common misconception because of her hit song — and would rather hang out with her husband doing yard work and getting down and dirty.

Pickler recently released her latest album, 100 Proof, and is on tour across the country promoting it. She has teamed up with Tone Fruit Peel body wash for their Tone Turn it Up! series where she’ll be blogging throughout her tour, doing live Facebook chats and giving fans the chance to participate in giveaways as well as a grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Nashville to meet Pickler. Below, Pickler fills us in on everything from her skin care routine to her favorite products to use when she does her own stage makeup (obviously our minds were blown by this).

Beauty High: Since you’re constantly performing, how do you keep your skin in tip-top shape?

Kelly Pickler: Have you smelled this [Tone body wash]? It’s amazing. I love the smell.

BH: Are you drawn to fruity scents?

KP: Not always. But this … I guess maybe it’s the citrus. There’s kiwi in it. It’s not heavy and it’s really hydrating. And I use it to shave, too. It’s a two-in-one! It’s really great for your skin.Very hydrating. Especially traveling a lot and flying and what not. Lots of water too. Water is the best thing you can do for your body. So yeah, water. And I love my Clarisonic.

BH: You mentioned traveling, and you’re clearly always hurrying to the next city. Do you have any must-haves on the road?

KP: Well, normally I have my dogs with me. So I guess my main accessory is my two small dogs. They come out on the road. They didn’t come today, but they normally are with me at all times. I love when I’m just traveling or I’m not working, if I’m not in stage makeup, I have a ponytail, a baseball hat — my favorite Carolina hat — and my UNC hat. Jeans. Boots. Like, I’m so much more of a tomboy. It’s funny because people sometimes … well, I think because of my first song, “Red High Heels,” people think that’s the only thing I wear. It’s like one song. I just wore those shoes that one time — for that one break-up! I don’t wear them everyday. But yeah, I’m very, very much a tomboy. I love yard work. I love mowing. I love pulling weeds.

BH: It’s like a stress reliever.

KP: It really is. I guess I’m telling you that because my husband and I are in like a landscaping process right now — planting vines and flowers and bushes and trees. So much. But anything that enables me to be outside, I love. Kayaking, canoeing, hiking, riding bikes. Walking the dog. We have a bigger dog — part pit, part lab. So, we take her for walks. I don’t run. Unless I’m trying to get to a sale!

BH: You have a great signature blonde hair color. How do you maintain it?

KP: I go to the salon in Nashville. It’s called Fresh. Bryan does my color.

BH: Do you use any special products?

KP: Kevin Murphy has a really, really great hair mask. There are times where my hair just looks like a crispy French fry, and I sleep with it on. You put that on and you don’t have to do anything — you can use any type of conditioner. Just put that on and sleep with it on and that really helps. That mask is just really thick, so it’s very hydrating for your hair. Not washing your hair every day helps too … If you’re gonna be home for the weekend and you’re not going anywhere and you don’t need to look good … you can wash everything else, just don’t wash your hair. Give your hair a break, because every time you wash it, you strip out the natural oils so it never makes it down to the tip and the ends break off — especially with color.

BH: After the past few years of being on stage and having your makeup and hair done, have you learned any great tips?

KP: I actually do my own. I mean, today I didn’t. Debbie did my makeup today. But we had TV earlier. I always have her when I have stuff like this or award shows. You don’t want to deal with it — you don’t want to worry about it, you have enough to worry about. So that really takes a weight off your shoulders … But like on tour or anything like that … I just do my own.

BH: Have you always been interested in makeup?

KP: I’m more of like a skin person than I am as far as makeup. If we were just going to go get our nails done right now, I would not be wearing anything. But I do love mascara.

BH: I have to ask — are those your real lashes? [Ed note: They were miles long!]

KP: No! They’re just little individuals that you can get at the drug store really cheap.

BH: I was going to say, if those are natural I would be extremely jealous.

KP: Those strips are so uncomfortable and they always come unglued and they just look heavy, you know. Or gaudy. But the individual ones … you can make them full or just put a few. Just use tweezers.

BH: So what would you say is a normal stage makeup look for you?

KP: As far as my makeup goes? I love MAC. They have really great stage makeup. They have a mineral pressed powder now for like everyday wear. But I use that for stage too. I don’t like using liquid. I do sometimes, I’ll switch it up. I love Bare Minerals. I think they have great, just fresh. But mostly MAC. I love some of Bobbi Brown eyeshadows and lip … But I use a little bit of everything. Kat Von D has great eyeshadows, too. But I mean you just have to find what works for you because everybody’s skin is different.

BH: Just one last question. Whose style do you really admire?

KP: You know who I think has a natural, gorgeous look? Jennifer Aniston. She has great hair and she can make a pair of flip-flops and cut-off shorts look like a million bucks. But even her dressing up — I mean she’s so classy-looking. She’s so beautiful, I think. I’d probably say her. And I love her makeup — it’s so fresh. You can glam it up for the carpet or for an event — I love her whole look. I think she’s gorgeous.

Image Courtesy of Tone