Keeping skin moist with Chanel Hydramax


I do love tanning. I know, I know. The suns rays are super bad for your skin and you should be slathering on at least SPF 30 when laying on the beach.

Do I get points for SPF 8??

Earlier in the summer I was deep in tanning mode. I’m talking on the beach from 10am until 7pm. So it was no surprise that when I woke up one morning I saw that half of my face was peeling off.


I immediately grabbed my exfoliator (Clinique Exfoliating Scrub) and while I do love this product, It is for heavy duty exfoliating. I mean basically it’s like exfoliating your face with gravel. Great for a morning when you fall asleep with a full face of makeup after maybe a few too many Ketel One and sodas, but not so great when you have some seriously peeling sun burned skin.

So on one particular rainy Sunday down the Cape, I skulked into Macy’s at the Cape Cod Mall to see what I could do to remedy my face.

I was pimping past the Chanel counter when a smiley woman stopped me.

“Hi,” she said, Spark Lip Gloss sparkling.

“Mmmmhi,” I muttered. I was so embarrassed by the flesh falling off of my face.

“What brings you to the Chanel counter?”

What the hell
?  I pulled my hair out of my face and pointed to a particularly dry patch at my hair line.

“See this? This needs to go.”

“Dry skin?”


“Have a seat honey.” The sales woman who’s name tag informed me that her name was Sandra patted the plush pleather black seat and I plopped my bottom on the white intertwined C’s.

Sandra proceeded to give me the standard sales babble about Chanel Hydramax; a super hydrating cream that’s comforting and blah blah blah.

She patted my face with the deliciously cushiony blueish cream and immediately I noticed two things: 1.) this cream smells AAAAH-MAZING and 2.) my skin felt instantly moisturized.

I looked my complexion in the little hand held mirror and totally saw a differentce. My skin looked supple and dewy. There were no remnants of my flaky skin anywhere.

“How much?”


I sucked in my breath at the rather steep price point but before I could say I’d think about it I caught another glance at my luminous profile in the mirror and without hesitation said “I’ll take it.”

It’s been a little over a year and I’m only on my second jar. The cream spreads beautifully and a little goes a long way. And if you have really oily skin I’d recommend looking into the Gel formulation of Hydramax.

Click here to check out the Chanel website.

chanel night care 50ml 1 7oz precision hydramax moisture boost comfort cream women Keeping skin moist with Chanel Hydramax