Get Ready: Kayla Itsines’ Equipment-Free Circuit Workout

kayla itsinesPhoto: Kayla Itsines

With over 4.1 million Instagram followers and a wildly-successful 12-Week Bikini Guide e-book, fitspo sensation Kayla Itsines has developed a reputation for transforming women’s bodies with her trademark 28 minute circuits.

Each 28-minute workout follows the same formula, consisting of two, seven minute circuits that are each completed twice. They’re short, but judging by the insane before-and-after pictures on Kayla’s Instagram, they’re also intensely effective.

In addition to the 28-minute framework, Kayla’s known for recommending exercises that use your own body weight—which means you don’t need to invest in any equipment, you can workout at home, and there’s never an excuse not to work up a sweat. Seriously, you don’t even have to move from in front of the TV to get in shape.

As huge fans of Kayla’s body-shaping circuits, we asked her to share her personal favorite, and she gave us four body-shaping moves that she promises will “target all areas of your body, so you can work up a sweat in no time.”

For a harder workout, Kayla recommends following the moves below while focusing on speeding up your downtime between exercises: “I recommend focusing on decreasing your changeover time in between exercises. A quick changeover means your heart rate is consistently elevated.”

Before you start, set a timer for seven minutes and follow the exercises in the listed order, for the set amount of repetitions. Repeat the four exercises until your timer goes off, and then Kayla suggests, “If you’re feeling up to it, have a quick 30 to 60 second rest and repeat the circuit again for a 14 minute workout.” Of course, if you’re trying to speed through the workout it’s still important to focus on technique so that you don’t get injured.

Alright, let’s do this.

1. In and out push-ups: 16 reps

“Place both hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width apart and feet together behind you, resting on the balls of your feet. This is called push up position. Quickly pick up both feet and jump them outwards so they are wider than your hips. Bend your elbows and lower your torso to the floor until your arms form a 90 degree angle, ensuring your back remains straight and that you are stabilizing through your abdominal muscles. Push through your chest and extend your arms to lift your your body back up into pushup position with your feet are still apart. Quickly pick up both feet and jump them back in together. Bend your elbows and lower your torso to the floor, then push through your chest and extend your arms to lift your body back into starting position. Repeat.”

kayla itsines In and Out push ups


2. Burpee and tuck jump: 10 reps

“Once in a pushup position on the floor, transfer your weight forwards and jump your feet inwards towards your hands. As you stand up, propel your body upwards and bring your knees into your chest. Take care when landing, ensuring that you maintain soft knees. Bend at both the hips and knees to place your hands on the floor in front of you and jump your feet backwards to return to push up position.”

Burpee + Tuck Jump kayla itsines

3. Reverse lunge and knee lift: 24 reps (12 per side)

“Plant both feet on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width apart and carefully take a step backwards with your right foot. As you plant your right foot, bend both knees to approximately 90 degrees, ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed between both legs. Extend both knees and transfer your weight completely onto your left foot. At the same time, lift up your right food and bring your knee into your chest. Release your right leg and place it back on the floor behind you and bend both of your knees to 90 degrees. Repeat recommended number of reps on your right before completing on your left.”

kayla itsines Reverse Lunge + Knee lift


4. Snap jumps: 20 reps

“Starting with feet together in push up position, transfer your body weight onto your hands and jump your feet inwards to land in a crouched position with feet shoulder width apart. Kick your feet backwards into push up position, ensuring that you maintain a neutral spine and stabilize through your abdominal muscles. Repeat.”


kayla itsines Snap jumps

Photos: Kayla Itsines

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